Single-aisle passenger jet. Translation of "single aisle" in English

single-aisle passenger jet

The number of seats abreast is affected by the aircraft width. In the arrangement of the cabin of a "narrow-body" transport such as the or the cabin is divided into a small first-class compartment with four-abreast seating and a large tourist-class cabin with six-abreast seating.

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A single aisle runs the entire length of the cabin with three seats located on either side. For an aircraft of large passenger capacity, the fuselage of the narrow-body type tends to become very long, which, in turn, may dictate a long, heavy landing gear in order to permit the desired rotation angle on takeoff without scraping the rear end of the fuselage on the runway.

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The long aisle also causes lengthy delays in passenger loading and difficulty for the cabin attendants in serving meals and refreshments. A narrow six-abreast single-aisle configuration usually has slightly less wetted area, and thus less drag, than a six-abreast twin-aisle arrangement designed for the same number of passengers.

Apparently, passengers are willing to accept the single-aisle layout for short flights but prefer the more spacious wide-body design for flight times greater than several hours.

Translation of "single aisle" in English

The use of the term "wide body" in describing these aircraft is derived from the interior arrangement of the passenger cabin. A typical interior cabin arrangement of a wide-body transport has first-class cabin consisting of a small four-abreast compartment in the forward part of the fuselage and a large nine-abreast tourist cabin.

The tourist cabin is divided by two longitudinal aisles that run the length of the cabin. In this arrangement shown, three seats are located on either side of the aircraft next to the windows, and three seats are disposed about the single-aisle passenger jet of the cabin with an aisle on either side. Current high-density versions of the Boeingfor example, may seat as many as passengers in a abreast arrangement.

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For large-capacity aircraft, the double-aisle arrangement offers easy passenger loading and simplifies the serving problem for the cabin attendents. The design may also offer the passenger somewhat wider seats and a feeling of greater spaciousness. The landing-gear problem is alleviated by the relatively short fuselage offered by the wide-body design for a given passenger capacity.

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Section For airplanes with 20 or more passenger seats, a minimum inch width at heights 25 inches or less above the main aisle floor and a minimum inch width at heights greater than 25 inches above the floor must be maintained.

Aisle ballspiel kennenlernen is measured at any point along the aisle, normal to the centerline of the aisle. The main aisle envisioned by the regulations would run in a straight line from one end of the passenger cabin to the other and would satisfy these width criteria.

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Long standing FAA policy has permitted slight deviation from a straight line where there is a transition from one cabin section to another, or where there are interior features which dictate that the aisle move laterally. For example, from tourist class to first class there may be a change from five-abreast seating to four-abreast seating which moves the aisle centerline laterally.

This has been accepted provided the required widths are maintained at all heights normal to the path that an individual would take. This type of offset normally occurs at one or two points in a main single-aisle passenger jet aisle.

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In addition, there is no offset permitted in the aisle vertically; that is, the required inch dimension must lie completely below the projected inch dimension at all points along the aisle. Successful jet transports tend to have long operational careers and are usually produced in many versions.

Engine changes and improvements, changes in single-aisle passenger jet area and high-lift systems, aerodynamic and structural refinements, and modernization of onboard systems may take place during the production life of a successful aircraft type.

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In this case, the fuselage is lengthened by the addition of "barrel sections" so that the passenger capacity of the aircraft is accordingly increased. One manner of increasing passenger space in an airplane is to increase the length of the fuselage. This process is commonly known as "stretching".


Typical problems associated with "stretching" an airplane and ultimately limiting the size of the airplane are: 1 limitation of aft-body rotational clearance, 2 disproportionate growth of the lower lobe cargo space, and 3 maneuverability of the airplane around the airport. These problems occur in single frauen langenhagen with single as well as double deck airplanes.

Boeing 757 - the largest single-aisle airliner. History and decription

For singledeck airplanes they become critical at a lesser increment of growth then for double deck airplanes. The Boeing airplanes have an upper deck in the forward portion of the fuselage.

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The Stratocruiser has a lower lobe lounge. The McDonald-Douglas MD11 aircraft has a lower lobe seating option.

There have been numerous large flying boats with multiple decks. Usually a double deck configuration is chosen to improve interior efficiency, sometimes utilizing space that was initially provided for other reasons.

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For example, the upper deck in the Boeing airplanes, was the result of requiring a nose cargo door configuration. Flying boats have unique hull requirements, limiting length and therefore favoring multi-deck arrangements. Increasing passenger space by use of an additional deck is preferred to merely increasing the length or overall size of the aircraft because it results in a shorter aircraft which is easier to maneuver around an airport.

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A partial upper deck is preferred because it provides a beneficial ratio of lower lobe cargo space to passenger seat space.

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