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LinkedIn Partnersuche reisen is a guestpost from Winslow Strong, author of the blog Biohack Yourself. Winslow was one of the early backers of the crowdfunded startup Talking20 and describes the service and his experience of taking his blood sample. Talking20 is a recently founded direct-to-consumer biomedical testing company. Their mission is to transform useful biomarker diagnostics into do-it-yourself at-home tests.

As a biohacker, I love this idea. It allows me to get enormous amounts of useful data on how my self-experiments in diet, exercise, sleep, supplements, etc impact my biology.

Furthermore, a doctor will probably only give you results on a printed sheet, and probably only upon request after looking at you strangely. Talking20 will give you a web-accessible graphical presentation of your values over time, which is much more convenient, especially for those of us who tend to move around frequently.

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T20 raised some initial crowdfunding via an Indiegogo campaign. What particularly caught my eye, and I ended up purchasing, was their Gold Card package of 36 cards, each of which will give you results for every single test in their catalog at the time when you use it.

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You can use each card whenever you want — e. Or use one once a year if nothing big is changing in your life, and you just want a nice complete blood panel done at a fraction of the price. What you get My initial package contained 6 Gold Cards, the other 30 will be sent as needed 6 addressed envelopes for mailing them, instructions, 14 lancets for pricking your fingersingle taken or talking a bunch of alcohol swabs and band-aids.

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They rushed these packages out to the Indiegogo campaign funders, so we have to wait a bit longer for the storage box that will help us keep all our supplies organized. This is fine with me, as everything needed to get started was in this initial shipment.

Collecting the sample The technology that T20 uses only requires drops of blood on the absorbant thick-paper cards they supply.

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They request 5 drops of blood to fill the 5 circles on each card. Their instructions are rather minimal, so let me provide you with some elaboration that I found helpful after some experimentation: Middle finger — Talking20 advises either using the tip of your middle finger or the outside of your ring finger. Visually, my middle fingers look like they carry more blood, so I chose them.

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LARGE drops of blood. The drop should be so large as to be about to fall off from your downward-facing finger.

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It was surprising to me how large a drop could become before it started to look unstable enough that it might fall. This will help dilate the capillaries of your finger with blood, and keep it coming as you squeeze it out.

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After drying your hand thoroughly, use an alcohol swab to disinfect and clean the collection finger. Prick your finger with the lancet, pressing firmly.

The lancet is spring-loaded, so when you push your finger sufficiently into it, a spring releases, generating enough momentum for a prick. I found that I had a natural flinch instinct to overcome, because I knew I was pressing my finger into a spike.

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But the lancets are very well-calibrated, not particularly painful, and to get a deep enough prick, I found I really did need to press quite firmly into it. Use firm but not ferocious pressure to squeeze your finger as you simultaneously slide down it from the base single taken or talking the tip.

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It worked best for me to apply pressure up until I approached the prick site closely, but was not quite bracketing it. Repeat this many times and your blood drop will grow in size.

As the kennenlernen erste fragen drop starts to hang unstably from your finger, try to delicately let the center of it touch the center of one of the circles.

You may need multiple pricks. I only got two circles out of each prick, so I had three pricks in total.

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